(and chat about them too)

We like to read mg books

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when participating in #ukmgchat


1) Always use the hashtag #ukmgchat - otherwise, other participants won't be able to leave you witty and complimentary comments.

2) #ukmgchat is sometimes fast and frantic but stick with it because it is also fantastic fun.

3) We advise you to bring a snack. You'll burn lots of calories* with all the tweets you'll be sending - plus we like to talk about the snacks!

4) Your friendly #ukmgchat moderators, Lorraine Gregory and Miriam Craig, will be on hand to assist you if you get stuck in the thread of the chat- just tag them in your Tweet.  

5) #ukmgchat is for those who love reading middle-grade books, work with middle-grade readers, or who write for a middle-grade audience, please keep this in mind when tweeting.

6) Your engagement makes #ukmgchat the place to be so Tweet us about your current read, join in the conversations, share any relevant news and have fun with like-minded Tweeters.




*we cannot guarantee that you will actually burn any calories during #ukmgchat

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